Humanitarian Goals

With this project we wish to help people in Thailand - especially children - improving
their lives by implementation of healthy nutrition and sporting activities.

Health care cost

Annual health care costs in Thailand have risen to approximately $50B. Approximately $45B is due to non-contagious diseases, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Unhealthy nutrition and lack of exercise are among the main causes. Without humanitarian aid, this problem cannot be solved on its own.

nature food

The production and preparation of healthy food from one’s own nature is possible and effective with targeted support.

But while the Thai population consumes less than the recommended five portions a day of fresh vegetables and fruits, children in particular overdo it with sweets, fat, alcohol and excessively fatty meat.

We are investigating to what extent the Vegetable & Fruit Academy has an impact on the nutritional behavior of the participating children, but also of the parents and grandparents.