project goals


In a world veering towards urbanization, our learning and leisure center in Thailand stands as a beacon for reconnecting humanity with the natural essence of food production. Witnessing an alarming disconnect between people and the sources of their sustenance, our project seeks to bridge this gap by immersing individuals of all ages in a holistic experience of nature. With a specific focus on Thailand, where significant food wastage and environmental impact persist, our initiative aims to address these issues through education, recreation, and a profound reconnection with the Earth.

our vision

Learning and studying in our academy Our goal is to attract young people who live and reside in the properties in the project and work as teachers or instructors on a daily basis. The children and young people learn to work successfully in agriculture, fruit growing or vegetable gardening and then prepare their own healthy natural products under guidance in cooking classes. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their talents and constantly expand their knowledge.

Holistic health in action:
educational journey

Culinary Delights

Young ones will learn to prepare some of the dietery meals like fried rice, chicken, banana leaf bowls, secret recipes, pizza spring rolls, with number of stimulating menus.

Project Activities

Sow, care, harvest, herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, daily menu preparation, garbage separation, composting, eco-friendly practices.

Academy Learning

Youth development, agriculture, fruit growing, vegetable gardening. Healthy natural product preparation, cooking classes, talent development.


Various sports activities that contribute to the proper growth and development of children musculoskeletal health.

Movement in nature

The importance of movement, daily exercise, muscle strengthening and spending time in nature.

Dietary Preferences

Shaping childhood, habits and attitudes, lifelong retention.

Empowering knowledge

At dedicated learning stations, participants engage in the intricacies of organizing accommodations, cultivating and harvesting agricultural products, and preparing them. These activities foster valuable abilities, laying the groundwork for comprehensive vocational training. The newly generated project roles are primarily undertaken by project participants, combining theoretical education with hands-on practical work. We provide aspiring young individuals with educational opportunities, empowering them to pursue careers as educators or trainers.

tailored nutrition goals

An individual change of diet does exactly that: in line with personal preferences, it varies which foods you should eat more often and which less often. This is the difference to diets: There is no constant calorie counting and no prefabricated menu plan, but a direction of march and many possibilities to try out. This is a major goal in our center.

start early stay healthy

Our food preferences are established in childhood and tend to stick with us throughout life. Unhealthy habits in early years can impact health well beyond childhood. To prioritize your well-being, it's beneficial to start healthy practices early. Additionally, Thai cuisine, known for its fragrant curries and unique flavors, offers a delightful culinary experience for our children to explore under our careful and playful supervision.

Childhood Education for Lifelong Health

We understand that the foundations of a healthy lifestyle are laid in childhood. Schools, alongside families and leisure time, serve as pivotal environments for nurturing life and health skills. Recognizing the unparalleled effectiveness of health promotion during childhood and adolescence, we aim to instill positive changes in this formative stage of life.