project goals

Sport programm

We recruit young people who, as trainers or coaches, involve the children in sports activities and help them to enjoy sports and exercise.

Sports will play a firm role in the proportions of our activities promoting movement, as we need healthy bones, muscles, tendons and fascia for the healthy interaction and functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Our goal is to attract young people who live and reside in the properties in the project and work as teachers or instructors on a daily basis.

Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their talents and constantly expand their knowledge.


Promoting daily physical activity as a vital routine for participants, essential for a well-functioning metabolism and muscle strength.
Young recruits serve as trainers, encouraging children to enjoy sports.

bike rental

Embark on a thrilling biking journey with our Children's Biking Program! Tailored for young riders, this program combines the joy of cycling with essential safety skills. Our experienced instructors guide children through exciting trails, fostering a love for outdoor activity while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

mini golf

Immerse your children in a health-conscious mini golf experience. Our carefully designed course blends entertainment with physical activity, promoting coordination and fitness in a delightful setting.

Wall climbing

Our goal is to provide a unique and enjoyable experience, promoting physical activity and well-being. The climbing wall offers a fun and challenging way for children to engage in exercise, enhancing their motor skills, strength, and overall health.